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Stevie was found with a group of feral cats at a local business. After rescuing him and bringing him to the vet to get checked out it was discovered he had ringworm. We then began the painstaking process of eradicating it.


One day, one of our volunteers noticed that Stevie was acting strange and went over to check on him. He was having a seizure and was rushed to the emergency room. The cause of the seizure was undetermined. A week later, Stevie had more seizures and was once again taken to the emergency room where we received yet another undetermined diagnosis. Once he returned back to his foster home, he was taken out of the carrier and couldn’t walk!


We took him back to the vet and he had an MRI and a CAT scan. Everything came back as inconclusive. His veterinarian suggested to bring him back to her and she would treat him holistically with cold laser, acupuncture, and chiropractic therapy treatments. While he was at yet another appointment, it was also discovered he had a urinary tract infection and was given antibiotics.


At his foster home we had to express his bladder every 2 hours. However, Stevie remained to be a total lovebug throughout this whole process. He never scratched, bit or demonstrated aggression through all his medical procedures. After all the treatments, and vet visits it was finally determined his paralysis was due to the incorrect insertion of his micro-chip. Stevie then had several treatments a day to gain mobility, balance and strength in his back legs. His recovery was remarkable and he was ready for his new home.


After being given another chance at life through patience and care, Stevie and his sister are now in their forever home. 


Help cats like Stevie

When you donate to ACCA your support helps pay for medical treatment like Stevie's and gives other cats like him another chance at life. 

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