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We accepted a surrendered cat named Kayli. She was a very overweight calico with a bit of an attitude. She had basically been living under a bed frightened by too much activity in the home. She had been put on Prozac so she wouldn't bite the children. She had difficulty walking due to her inactivity so she presented a real challenge. 


Several months later we received a call from a caregiver who had a 92-year-old lady who loved cats and wanted to volunteer. Dorothy showed up with a walker and had great difficulty in exiting the transport and managing the four stairs to the house. She sat on the lounge and the cats came to her, but Kayli decided that she belonged to her. Volunteers had to tiptoe around, as Dorothy and Kayli would often fall asleep on the lounge together.


After a few weeks, we noticed Kayli moving around more and more, this allowed us to start performing cold laser treatments on her. We also noticed that our volunteer, Dorthy had a new found spring in her step and was able to get in the house much more quickly. Within a few weeks, Dorothy was parking the walker and walking around the house, followed by Kayli. Their progress was amazing. Before long Dorothy was climbing up the 14 steps to the upper floor to visit the other cats, of course with Kayli's company. Kayli was improving daily and so was Dorothy. 


Many weeks passed and Dorothy didn't show up for one visiting day. We found out she was in the hospital with an infection. We went to visit her and found her in very poor health surrounded by her family. Kayli, back at the house was acting strangely as if she knew something was wrong. One of the volunteers spoke to Kayli and explained what was happening to her Dorothy. Kayli seemed to listen, then went and sat on the lounge. Two days later we learned that Dorothy had passed away. Kayli seemed to grieve for some time. 


As luck would have it, no long after a lady came to look at cats to adopt and fell in love with Kayli. Kayli now lives on a ranch with lots to see and is even able to jump up on the bed. Thank you, Dorothy, for giving Kayli what she needed most when she needed And thank you, Kayli, for giving Dorothy a new lease on life even for a short time. Kayli's new person is delighted with her and we think Dorothy knows this. 




Help cats like Kayli

When you volunteer with ACCA you help other cats, like Kayli, have another chance to find love again.

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