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This story was written by Alex's (Willy's) rescuer. 


It was a special spring day when a gray tabby with big green eyes entered into our lives. It was not a great time in my family's life as our 11-year-old son was battling cancer. This cat gravitated to my son, possibly knowing that companionship and unconditional love was what he needed most. There was a special bond that could be felt between the two of them. It was not long till my son named this cat Alex. Alex quickly became a part of our family. Everyone who met Alex fell in love with him. 


We were under the impression that Alex was a stray cat. During one of my son's hospital stays our neighbor saw Alex and noticed that he had an open wound. He was kind enough to bring him to the vet. The vet scanned Alex for a chip and found out that Alex was actually Willy and that he belonged to Another Chance Cat Adoption. 


It was at this time that we met Connie from ACCA. She was nursing Alex (Willy) back to health. She found out about Peter's story and allowed us to come and visit this special cat at her home. We were sad to know that Alex was sick and worried that we would never see him again. Connie helped Alex to get healthy and she offered to let us adopt and keep him, free of charge. Our son was ecstatic and so was our family. Our son finished his cancer treatment and Alex's wound healed. 


About a year later, we found Alex pretty lethargic and brought him to the vet. It turned out Alex had cancer. We did all that we could for this amazing cat that loved my son and brought joy into our home. Connie sent us a card after Alex passed away. In the card, she wrote how Alex was an angel to our son when he most needed one. She went on to say that Alex had completed his work on Earth and that he had earned his wings. 


We have Alex's picture on our wall with our family photos. Alex was only in our life briefly, but he left a lasting impression in our hearts. We are grateful to Another Chance Cat Adoption for the wonderful work that they do not only for cats but for families.


Help cats like Alex

When you donate to ACCA your support helps pay for medical treatments like Alex's and gives other cats like him another chance at life. 

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