IAbove we have the four 15wk old Earl,Evone and Ella and Elsa with their mom who had found a new home.The two black kittens are male and are 17wks .All are friendly and must go as littermates

I am Binji I am 4 years and female

I am Yuki I am 1 year!

I am Chilly and I am 2 years old

I am Katar,I am a little bigger but very sweet natured

Hi,I am Mocha, I am such a great loving cat and have no problem with others!

I' am about 2 years.my name is Lucy

I am a little over 1 year I am Bamboushka

I am Timmy, still nervous and unhappy about being in a new place.I am 2 years!

Athena is a year

This is George our caretaker and greeter

We have two black 17wk,below and 4 kittens that are now 15 wks old to the left

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Ten Commandments for Pets_edited.jpg
Ten Commandments for Pets_edited.jpg