Please, we do not do same day adoption. We can not adopt to Seattle and north,south of Tacoma,Pu. and Graham.Do to high volume calls,we are refering to email, please for ACCA regarding greets and intake Please leave a message on the #256-856-1771  if you have no e-mail  Some bonded or kittens will be paired. Upon surrenders, we require medical files to show what has been done. We do not get any funding other than donations, we can please use them to help with kittens,strays,medical,food . Please help with what you can.  Our hours are 10AM -7PM.We are not open Fridays. Please make an appointment for meet and greet, if you change plans,  please call us, thank you. KEEP SCROLLING DOWN!!! Only one small group allowed Please wear a mask.

I am a little over 1 year I am Bamboushka


I am Yuki I am 1 year!

I am Binji I am 4 years and female

I am Katar,I have been aggresisve,I need someone who will work with me on my problem ,I am only 1 year old so I can learn.I need someone with patience and TLC!

I am Samba I am three years,I prefer a one cat household

I am Chilly and I am 2 years old

Hi,I am Mocha I am still recovering from surgery had a little glitch. When i am ready soon I am such a great loving cat and have no problem with others!

I' am about 2 name is Lucy

I am Timmy, still nervous and unhappy about being in a new place.I am 2 years!


This is Kelly our other caretaker ,the one in the front.

This is George our caretaker and greeter

Above we have 5 kittens that are 11 weeks old ,also the video is of them and mom Athena, she is 1 year, very sweet.

ISome cute pics of adopted kittens


















Videos of adopted cats

A gray and white female cat was lost in the Maple Vally,Timberlane,196thAve SE area about 3 years ago, she is about 5-6 years old,if you have found her please call ACCA at 253-856-1771. If you have taken to her we can arrange an adoption no charge of course,just for our records and knowing she is being taken care of and safe,thank you! She is microchipped

Ten Commandments for Pets_edited.jpg
Ten Commandments for Pets_edited.jpg