Our Joey fund was created in honoring the life of Joey and the wonderful staff who rescued him. This fund pays for medical treatment of homeless pets. Please read Joey’s true story…………

My life was pretty normal for a ten month old kitten until the night I will never forget. My family was making candles for Christmas. As I was napping I woke up to the worst moment of my life. The pain was so fierce I couldn’t even scream. My body was on fire, someone had slipped and poured hot wax all over me. My family did not bother to take me to the veterinary clinic until several painful days later.

My nightmare was just beginning…….

The weeks to follow were a blur. A lady called Grandma had to give me baths twice a day. As gentle as Grandma was I still cried in pain it hurts so bad I couldn’t even move. The skin was all gone on my stomach from my back legs to my neck. I could not move my left leg because my elbow was burned real bad. I had third degree burns on thirty percent of my body.
My family never came to see me……..

Three months went by I was still going through treatment. I heard a new voice in the room. I looked up and found my new soul mate. She opened my cage and and stroked my head. She would wrap me in sterile towels and take me to a quiet room and we would sit together.
We fell in love……….

Thirteen months after my accident, I still wasn’t healed very good. I was determined to get out of my prison. A special doctor from Harborview came to look at me. He said all the layers of epidermis was gone and it was unbelievable I was still alive. He didn’t know if my fur would grow back.
I was determined to be with my new soul mate…….

One day my soul mate showed up with a carrier. I was so happy to be going home with her. I still had to get my baths and treatment but I had a new home, with other pets to be with me. I started vitamin E therapy because my skin was cracked and bleeding. She would put sterile T-shirts on me so I could wander around the house and try to be a normal cat. My treatment lasted two years and my fur started growing back. I am thankful to my new mom and all the people who took care of me.

I lived to be 19 and a half years old. I had a great new life with my soul mate, dogs, and cats to play with.
My name is Joey and I defied all odds!

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