What you need when you bring kitty home!

To keep kitty happy you will need: food, water, dishes, litter, litter box/scooper, bed, toys, and carrier. If you want to spoil kitty a scratching post, treats, and catnip.

Helpful tips:

Set kitty up in a quiet room with all of his new supplies and check on him often. Sit quietly in the room, talk with him in a calm voice, and give him encouraging words. He will be getting used to new sounds, smells, and may be nervous. A product we recommend is Rescue Remedy it helps calm their nerves, another recommended calming product is Feliway, the plug in dispensers are especially helpful to reduce kitty stress.
When kitty is feeling comfortable open the door and let him venture. For the first week if kitty is doing unwanted behavior remove him from the situation, he is still learning the rules. If kitty persist a spray bottle with water is a wonderful way to show him no kitty! Visit our FAQ’s page on how to further train your cat.

Our Adoption Procedures:

  1. Contact us by phone 253-856-1771 or email
  2. We will set up a meet and greet appointment with you. This time is to help you get to know and ask any questions about your future pet. You will fill out an application. This better helps us to determine what cat would be the perfect fit into your home. We will go over the cat’s personality, favorite toys, and routines. We will disclose all medical information and history that we are aware of. We will go over our adoption contract and send it home with you.
  3. We do require a 24 hour waiting period after the meet and greet appointment.
    We do not do same day adoptions!
  4. After the 24 hour waiting period we deliver your new pet to your home and sign the adoption contract. Any adoption donations will be accepted upon delivery of your pet.

All of our cats come spayed or neutered, fully up to date on vaccinations, micro-chipped, and have had a recent health check.

Please note we have a strict indoor and no declaw policy for our rescues. The adoption fee is $100.00. ¬†Anything over $100 is a donation to help cover ACCA’s costs and is tax deductible.