Sampson1     HELP!!! I need a home!  Please call at 253-856-1771!


kittyranch2013WANTED!! A temporary tenant for the summer.

- A charming three bedroom, 1 ½ bath, fireplace, ranch style home. We are looking for responsible cat lovers to help with feeding them, and making sure they are safe. They must stay indoors no exceptions. We have volunteers who will fill most days. However, when they cannot be there we will need your kind assistance for giving them food and water.
This is a caretaker position for a non-profit also caring for the grounds, lawn mowing, etc. This will involve a reduction in the asking rent. You will rent the upper part of the home while the rescue is in the daylight basement which has it’s own entrance. This is a very successful rescue. ” Another Chance Cat Adoption”. This also includes 2 ½ acres of land. Interested? call #253-856-1771


We have 3 new kittens that were born 2 weeks ago as of 3/27/14.  Keep in touch!!!  They’ll be ready for adoption in a couple of months.  Delilah (mom) too!



 Meko is doing great. He has settled in and seems to feel at home. He has been drinking a little more, although I have never actually seen him drink. Steve has seen him drink, though. There is more evidence in the litter box, so I can tell he’s getting more. We’re also feeding him a lot of canned food which helps. I took him to the vet to check his teeth and he needs a good cleaning. He was slightly anemic so we had to hold off until we could boost his blood cells for the procedure. We’ve been giving him meds and vitamins, and he’s scheduled to go in for the cleaning on Tuesday. Other than that, he is doing really good and seems very happy. We play a lot and he he loves to take naps on my lap. We are so thrilled to have him and appreciate all you did for him. Here is a picture. Hope all is well with you and the other critters.




My name is Kaylie.  My person is ill and can no longer take care of me.  I am looking for a new home.  Please come and meet me!

 ACCA is doing “adoption events” at Petco on East Hill of Kent the 1st Saturday of every month at 26209 104th SE, Kent AND at Mud Bay in Maple Valley on the 4th Saturday of every month at 24107 Kent-Kangley Road, Maple Valley






I am a female orange and white tabby .  I have been on a diet and have lost some weight, but I still have a few pounds to go..  If you are a dietician or trainer, I would really like to talk to you.  See me on


Bronwen has been through quite a bit in her life.  She is missing an eye, but has not lost her charm.  This ol’ gal would love a quiet place to live out the rest of her days.  She would love to sit in your lap and be adored!



I am Shari and I am about 2 yrs old and was found roaming a condo/apartment area in Des Moines.  Not long after I was picked up and brought to ACCA I had 5 kittens.   I’m trying to adjust to indoor life but really don’t like a lot of confusion.   My kids got good homes and mabe I can find someone who will let me blossom without expecting too much to start with.



Xavier’s parent had to give him up due to a medical problem she has.  I am a little older than the rest of these guys but in very good shape.  I’m what they call a polydactyl (6 toes on paws) and have a beautiful gray and white coat.  I will make someone a very good lap cat.

XAVIER4 xavier12014.jpg



Benjamin has been diagnosed with diabetes.   He is 12 years old, great personality, very loving and outgoing.  He has lived with another cat, but no experience with dogs.  He is going to need an owner with the financial means to care for him and the time to do his injections.



Sally is about 11 months old.  She’s a little bigger now.  3/15/14



Shelley is a little “dickens” with lots of personality!


  This is Tabitha.          

 She is reserved but loves to play and though she isn’t keen on being held, she does like to be petted.


We have a need for volunteers for AM shift at our facility.  The shifts involve food, water and cleaning litter boxes besides playing with the cats.  We ask that the Am volunteers come before 10:00 in the morning.  If you are interested in getting your “kitty fix” please call 253-856-1771.

We also need volunteers for marketing/fundraising, Facebook/tech stuff and grant writing.  Please get in touch with us.

We are looking for INDOOR ONLY homes and our cats CANNOT BE DE-CLAWED. 24 hour waiting period to consider the commitment you are about to make. Adoption fee is $100 which includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, and all are tested for FIV/FeLV.